Autumn Photography - 2Autumn Photography is a full service custom newborn baby photo studio specializing in personal service and heirloom quality printed artwork.

Autmn of Autumn Photography has been a professional photographer since 2002 and started her business in 2005 in Fairfield, CT before relocating to New York’s gorgeous Hudson Valley in 2009.


“It’s not just a photograph. It’s not just the decade of experience or the countless hours learning, practicing and perfecting my craft. It’s artwork. It’s the hours behind the computer ensuring that your prints will look their very best.”

“When it comes to newborn babies, I love to keep it simple with limited props and accessories and incorporate soft colors so as to keep the focus on baby and ensure that your images are timeless. In 5 or 20 years from now I don’t want you to laugh at the ridiculous props you chose that were in style at the time. I love layering fabrics with different textures, simple headbands, bonnets, hats and wraps and simple, earthy props. I love sweet, gently guided poses with a touch of your baby’s personality.”

Images by Autumn Photography: