3 Mama's and Mike3 Mama’s and Mike are three generations of accomplished cooks passing down authentic recipes. Mastering their descendants techniques, they have come together to fuse this knowledge.

With years of collective experience in the restaurant industry, they have created what they believe is the ultimate gourmet comfort food.

If you’re searching for a local deli that serves fresh wraps, burgers or sandwiches, 3 Mama’s and Mike is the place to be. Conveniently located in Pine Bush, our restaurant space the perfect spot for breakfast, lunch and family events.

With each bite you taste the love and passion 3 Mama’s and Mike has for food. You will delight in the way they take your favorite comfort foods and create “savory specialties with a twist”. The mobile kitchen allows them to use fresh ingredients daily, which gives their food a creative and fun edge.

The dreams of these 4 talented people are to make delicious food and get it out to the world. Stop by today and try one of the mouth-watering signature stuffed sirloin burgers, homemade soups, breakfast specials and more. Their motto is “We live to cook and love to eat”. So let 3 Mama’s and Mike serve you heaven on a plate.

Selections from the 3 Mama’s and Mike Menu:

  • Hot Mama Burger – Burger stuffed with chipotle and jalapeno jack cheese. Topped with more jalapeno jack cheese, fried onion rings, fried jalapenos, chipotle mayo and cilantro sour cream.
  • Off The Wagon Burger – Burger stuffed with cheddar cheese and topped with jalapeno jack cheese, bacon, fried onion strings and our signature Drunken BBQ sauce.
  • Philly Chicken Sandwich – Grilled chicken smothered in American cheese, peppers and onions.
  • Off The Hook Sandwich – Grilled chicken, ham, mozzarella cheese, baby spinach and tomato, topped with a sun dried tomato pesto sauce and mayo.
  • Chicken Caesar Wrap – Grilled or fried chicken mixed with our homemade Caesar dressing and parmesan cheese.