Cheryl's Fried Fish and Soul FoodCheryl’s Fried Fish & Soul Food serves up home cooked southern style soul food. Cheryl’s specializes in home made fresh from scratch dishes. Nothing has pork in it except pork chops and spare ribs. All side dishes are vegetarian friendly.

Cheryl’s is down home and friendly with the smells of grandma’s southern kitchen and a giant dose of Cheryl’s southern hospitality.


From the Specials Menu at Cheryl’s Fried Fish & Soul Food
Oxtails with rice & plantains
Fried or baked chicken with 2 sides
Fried chicken & waffles
Bacalao codfish with rice & beans
Curried shrimp with rice & plantains
Curried chicken with rice and veggies
Stewed chicken with 2 sides
BBQ chicken with 2 sides
BBQ spare ribs with 2 sides
Stewed down steak or grilled steak with onions and 2 sides
Fried pork chops with two sides or smothered
Baked turkey wings with 2 sides