Chumley's BBQChumley’s BBQ and Catering Company specialize in a Northeast Suburban Barbecue -Grill style menu for retail, catering, concessions, farm markets and festivals.

Chumley’s BBQ features classic rotisserie chicken, grilled Cornell Chicken, St. Louis Style Jumbo Ribs, Texas brisket (grass fed for farm markets), Boneless Ribz, Tennessee Pulled Pork, Our Tailgate Steak, heaping sides and salads with our homemade sweet onion dressing, dogs, burgers, kids menu, and made from scratch BBQ sauces

Whether you choose our Original BBQ Sauce, award winning Root beer, Memphis mustard Sauce, or simply want to fire it up more with original Fired up or Rockin Root beer, Chumley’s BBQ Sauces will satisfy the most avid BBQ lover.

We have taken the best and most authentic regional recipes and local produce, spices and meats (when in season) for all our products.

Chumley’s BBQ & Catering Company caters for all occasions and any size party. Small to large. Backyard to Weddings. Our catering menu includes BBQ and any style foods that can make your event an even more memorable experience.

Images from Chumley’s BBQ
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Selections from the Chumley’s BBQ Menu:

  • Buckin Bronco Egg Rolls – Spicy Pulled Pork, Red Cabbage, Onions, and Shredded Carrot in an Egg Roll with Sweet Chili BBQ Sauce.
  • Chumley Salad – Romaine Lettuce, Diced Scallions, Mandarin Oranges, Candied Walnuts, and Cornbread Croutons with Our Sweet Onion Dressing
  • Big Beef Bacon Bleu Burger – Bleu Cheese, Beef Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, and Onion with our Beanhead Steak Sauce
  • Ranchero Wrap – Grilled or Crispy Chicken with Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Cowboy Candy, Lettuce, Tomato, and Onion in a tomato Wrap with Cajun Ranch Dressing
  • Tennessee Pulled Pork – Pork Butt Cooked Low and Slow
  • Downstate Brisket – Cooked Low and Slow and Sliced Thin
  • Sliced Steak – Sliced Marinated Flank Steak with Caramelized Onions and Mushrooms. Served on Toast Points