Don Coqui is the most exciting Authentic Puerto Rican dining in all of the Tri-State area. The elegant ambiance and purely authentic, enchantingly delicious cuisine provide the perfect venue for an unforgettable dining and entertaining experience. Enjoy dinner in the main dining room or cocktails at the bar or lounge.

Don Coqui’s main dining room, located on the second floor of the restaurant, showcases the Rodriguez signature style, evident throughout the menu with house specialties including the ever-popular empanadas, paella, and arroz con pollo, alongside classic American staples such as the Porterhouse for two, Alaskan crab legs, baked clams and barbecue ribs, among many other culinary delights.

The restaurant capably hosts a wide range of events, from fundraising and corporate functions to bat and bar mitzvahs; from wedding and holiday fetes to a memorable party with friends.