Ford Freezer Good Humor TruckLocated in Warwick, NY, The Ford Freezer, a 1965 fully restored Ford Good Humor truck, is Orange County’s blast from the past offering a variety of ice creams, popsicles and ices.

All who witness the Ford Freezer are instantly propelled back in time to happy childhood memories. Memories of knowing the ice cream man by name, the look of the original porcelain sides with the Good Humor logo baked in, the sound of the latch of the freezer door once you have your treats, and the vibrant ringing of the bells you can hear coming around the corner. With its jingling bells and its tiny freezer doors, The Ford Freezer is full of charming details reminiscent of old times! We provide your old school favorites like the Turbo Rocket to the classic Éclair bars, to the most popular Oreo Bar.

The Ford Freezer is dedicated to providing a unique and nostalgic opportunity to our clients seeking something new for their next big event. We are reliable, on time, and innovative, bringing a new take to a classic experience. The server attending your event will always be courteous, helpful and friendly ensuring a very sweet experience that leaves your guests feeling reminiscent of a simpler time.

We’re available in Warwick, NY and surrounding areas (20 mile radius). We are suited for small to large scale events. Our truck can serve your guests at a set time or remain at your event all day. (