Global Grill Gulf of Maine Scallops on Soba NoodlesGlobal Grill is NOT a Fusion or Pan-Asian restaurant. We are Global and New American Cuisine. We take the best spices, imported from India, the Middle East, Latin America, Europe, Japan and the US. They are combined with the freshest ingredients and herbs from local farms when available; organic meat purveyors; and fish fresh off the boat to bring to your table amazing dishes. House made pastas and sauces, demi’s and marinades are always created from scratch there are simply no shortcuts to great food.

Images from the Global Grill
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Selections from the Global Grill Menu:

  • Myong’s Beef Pot-Stickers – a family recipe from Taegu, Korea ~ pan seared, made with beef, chili-honey soy dipping sauce
  • Mini-Veggie Shrimp Cellophane Wraps – shrimp spring-mix greens, cucumber, carrot, avocado, cilantro
  • Roasted Root Salad – Myong’s Favorite – roasted beets, carrots, parsnips, sweet potato, pear, mesclun, lemon ginger vinaigrette
  • Sous-Vide Organic Chicken Breast – France meets Myong, sliced breast of sous-vide chicken,
    seasonal vegetables, broccoli puree, tomato-jalapeno salsa
  • Tagliatelle Bolognese- Myong’s beef, veal and pork classic Northern Italian ragout,
    touch of cream, over house-made pasta
  • Wild Salmon- pan seared, with a sauté of brussels sprouts and quinoa, Moroccan Tagine Sauce
  • Myong’s Warm Apple Dessert – local orchard apples, cream cheese streusel, vanilla ice cream