Buns-N-Bourbon is the politically incorrect, not so kid friendly dive bar with hi-tops, 150 brown spirits on the wall, the tastiest chargrilled burgers, gourmet dogs & kickass fried apps on the river.

Buns-N-Bourbon boasts American brown spirits from almost 50 states, three dozen canned beers (no bottles) & draft beer from Kentucky, Texas & Louisiana, where men are men & women are always welcome. Shooting whiskey is preferred and not guns, & the occasional foul language will be much more tolerated between these walls than other fine establishments in Westchester County.

The movies played on our big screen are always questionable as far as ratings and viewer discretion. The sports will always be available as long as you ask nicely and promise not to be a rowdy or obnoxious fan. The music will always be a bit louder than you like & 100% classic rock will be played the majority of times. It’s safe to say here you will never hear Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber unless they do a duo with Axl Rose or Robert Plant.


Selections from the Buns-N-Bourbon Menu:

  • Tater Tot Nachos – House smoked pulled pork, bacon, cheddar-jalapeno cheese sauce, sliced pickled jalapeños, guacamole & sour cream
  • Redneck Vege Combo – Fried pickles, zucchini, green beans & banana peppers w sides of chipotle ranch dressing & tomato marinara.
  • Loaded Steak Fries – Thick cut fries topped with shredded BBQ smoked brisket, pepperdews, melted Cabot & jalapeno jack cheese.
  • Chargrilled Roadhouse Burger – 6oz Amish natural ground beef, BBQ glazed smoked natural beef brisket “tophat“, melted Cabot cheddar.
  • Chargrilled “50/50 Farm” Burger – Lanza Farms house made pork chorizo, blended with Amish natural ground beef, Lanza Farms goat cheese smear & pico de gallo.
  • Versailles (KY) Fried Chicken Breast – Buttermilk fried Allen Harim Farms natural chicken breast, Hudson River Apiaries honey butter glaze, shredded romaine, horseradish pickles.
  • “Samurai” Kobe Beef Dog – Chargrilled jumbo Snake River Farms American Wagyu Kobe beef dog, warm cabbage, bacon and fennel kraut.