Yogo Waffle Frozen YogurtYogo Waffle in Beacon, NY is a frozen yogurt and waffle cafe that is not only desserts, they have food as well. Yogo Waffle offers up their famous Wafflini for breakfast or lunch.

Yogo Waffle frozen yogurt uses real puree and not powder mixes which is what many other frozen yogurt shops use. Their frozen yogurt is gluten free, non-fat, low fat, no sugar added, they are all Live Active Cultures, Real Dairy Frozen Yogurt Certified and kosher Certified.

Create your delights by picking from almost 50 toppings and then top it off with one of the many types of syrups, whipped cream and hot fudge.

The waffle batter used by Yogo Waffle is imported straight from Belgium and the Belgian waffles they produce are based upon an old Belgian family waffle recipe. Waffles are made fresh and served with powdered sugar and syrup, pure maple syrup is available. Waffles are also served as an ice cream sandwich, as a Wafflini or other type of sandwich.

And now the famous Wafflini- Wafflini’s are a panini but with Belgian Waffles instead of bread. Yogo Waffle offers an assortment of breakfast, lunch, and dinner Wafflini for you to choose from.