HoneyBee Herbs - Fresh Raw HoneyHoneyBee Herbs opened an Herbal shop on Main Street in Margaretville , NY, in 2018. Our Honey is from deep in the Catskill Mountains in environmentally protected lands.

Please come in and smell the herbs while sipping on organic, handcrafted blends grown by us and other local farmers and wildcrafters in New York. We raise honeybees in Arkville, Ny.

Our hives are organic and have never been treated with harmful chemicals. We let the bees swarm..Naturally…encouraging wild honeybee population to flourish in the Catskill’s.

Herbal Tea Blends or Tisanes. All cultivated in Kelley’s Organic gardens and handcrafted into potent medicinal and culinary blends by Master Herbalist Kelley Edkins. Loose Tea is sold in units of 15-20 cups worth and should be steeped covered for 5-10 minutes.

HoneyBee Herbs Products

Honey and Bee Produce

  • Raw Honey
  • Honeybee Fabulous Face Oil
  • Honey Shot
  • Bee Pollen
  • Royal Jelly
  • Healing Anti-Inflamatory St.John’s Wort Oil
  • HoneyBee Body Butter
  • Honey Bee Face Toner Mist
  • Propolis 1 oz.jar
  • Honeybee Wellness Box
  • Organic Bees Wax

Herbal Tea

  • Jars of our Herbal Blends
  • Immune Boost
  • Liver Detox Organic Herbal Tea Blend from Honey Bee Herbs
  • Lung Cleaner Organic Herbal Tea
  • Sleep Aid Organic Herbal Tea
  • Blood Purifier …Blood Cleaner
  • Lyme Away Organic Herbal Tea Blend
  • Loki’s Bag of Tricks – Catnip
  • Body Tonic Detox
  • Believe in Love …Heart opener
  • Pumpkin Delight Organic Herbal Tea Blend
  • Flu Bee Gone
  • Fertilitea Organic … Hormone regulator.
  • Allergy Relief … Sinus Relief
  • Some like it Hot …Anti -Inflammatory
  • Relaxation Blend Organic Herbal Tea Blend
  • Spice of Life
  • Mind Tonic Blend
  • Kidney Cleanse Organic Herbal Tea
  • Fever Breaker
  • Bone Builder Blend
  • Nettle Power Organic Herbal Tea Blend
  • Sweet Grass Braids
  • Stimulation Blend Organic Herbal Tea
  • After Dinner Mint …Stimulating!
  • Canine Herbal Supplement
  • Very Berry Blend Organic Herbal Tea Blend from Honey Bee Herbs
  • Happy Tea Organic… mood elevator!
  • Digestive Aid Organic Herbal Tea
  • Spice of Life in a jar
  • Spearmint Organic Herbal Tea Blend
  • Flowers of Joy …May- July
  • Circulari-Tea Organic …bring on the blood flow.
  • Catskill Mountain Smoking Blend
  • Aunt Flo’s Visiting Blend
  • Hair and Nail Treatmint
  • Chocolate Lemon Organic Herbal Tea Blend
  • Organic Lemon Balm
  • Heart Tonic Organic Herbal Tea

Salves, Balms and Oils

  • Honeybee Fabulous Face Oil
  • Chakra Salves
  • Lip Balm
  • Anti- Inflammatory Healing Salve
  • Honeybee Eye Salve Bags Bee Gone
  • Water Distilled Organic Essential Oils
  • HoneyBee Body Butter
  • Chakra Peace Love Body Mist
  • Bugs Bee Gone
  • Herbal Anti Bacterial Flea and Tick Spray
  • “Peace Love Mist” Body Spray
  • Organic Salt Scrub
  • Horsetail Black Walnut Hair Pomade
  • Organic Earwash
  • Love Your Boobs
  • Organic Bees Wax
  • Purest Essential Oils


  • Propolis Tincture 1/2 oz infused in 150 proof organic grape alcohol
  • Solomon Seal Tincture
  • Black Walnut Tincture
  • Anti-Oxidant Immune Boost
  • Lyme Away/ Teasel root Tincture
  • Mallow Root Tincture
  • Goldthread Tincture