The primary purpose of Peppertree Rescue is to help find homes for dogs in need who represent the character and temperament commonly associated with Golden Retrievers: friendliness, intelligence and a peaceful, loving nature.

In addition to accepting dogs of any breed or mix that meet our temperament requirements, Peppertree Rescue is also a recognized Golden Retriever rescue organization.

Peppertree will also assist and hopefully contribute to the growing interconnection between rescue groups, shelters and others working with homeless animals. We will work with shelters for the purpose of finding homes for dogs, notify responsible rescue groups when we learn of dogs of their breed that are in need and help develop and maintain a working, sharing community of all area rescue groups.

What you can expect from Peppertree Rescue when you adopt:

Your dog will:
– be spayed or neutered — if over six months old
– have received the normal set of shots including rabies and distemper.
– have been tested and, if necessary, treated for heartworm and intestinal worms.

If medical reasons or age prevented any of this from being done prior to the trial placement, we will make the necessary arrangements. In most cases, your dog won’t need further veterinary treatment during the trial placement period.

How the trial placement period works

We encourage you to bring the dog to your veterinarian during the two-week trial placement period, at your own expense, to assure yourself that the dog is healthy before the adoption is complete.

The trial placement period gives you a chance to get to know the dog and allows the dog to exhibit its normal behavior — often quite different (and usually better!) than you will see at an adoption event or initial meeting.

During this time, you can consult with Peppertree volunteers who will help with adjustment problems, new-owner questions, and the like. If needed, we can extend the trial placement period before the adoption becomes final.

Once all agree that this is, indeed, the dog for you, we execute your adoption contract, deposit your adoption fee, and, for tax purposes, provide a receipt for any amount beyond the fee that you may have contributed.

Our involvement does not end there, however. You will now be part of the Peppertree “family.” We will remain available for consultation about other adjustment concerns, or to hear and applaud your brags! For your dog, Peppertree steps into the role that a good breeder would fill — with a lifetime commitment to the well-being of our dogs and their families.