Cocoon Theatre is an educationally-minded, non-profit, member-based, performing arts organization dedicated to bringing fine visual & performing arts classes, workshops & performances to all ages. With an emphasis on exploring the creative process, we choose thought-provoking, relevant material, with a wish to foster the growth of the individual, and to share in the building of sound communities and a strong world society.

Cocoon Theatre originally began in 1988 as a puppet/dance theater group performing for children in NYC schools under the name “The Cocoon Theatre For Children” by Marguerite and Andres San Millan. The company quickly grew in popularity to include performances of all shapes and sizes, from outdoor festivals, hospitals, private parties and functions, to shows designed for historic sites and environmental events. As modern dancers and choreographers with a young family of their own, they created a venue to perform themselves, as well as offer quality performances, with ideas they felt lacking in the types of theater offered to children.

Cocoon Theatre is now a non-profit organization with a wide variety of educational opportunities for children of all ages, providing extensive Arts-In-Education programs, moving into the public and private school setting. It has grown from a small puppet company to a working studio and theater, offering classes and performing opportunities to the complete public.