The Yonkers Ukrainian Heritage Festival is a three day festival showcasing Ukrainian Culture, Art, Dance, Cuisine and History in a positive light.

Established in 1985, the event was the result of the Yonkers Branch of the Ukrainian American Youth Association (CYM) members desire to reach beyond the Ukrainian community. Part of the purpose of this festival’s creation was to put Ukraine back on the map, to connect with other communities outside our own, and to educate, enlighten, and develop long lasting relationships with surrounding communities.

In our thirty year tenure, we have provided festival attendees with numerous activities. We spotlight our culture through our arts, dance, and history. Vendors are available with unique Ukrainian products for sale. Their is non-stop entertainment by dance groups and musicians. And most importantly, and most famously known for, our ethnic Ukrainian Food. Most importantly, we do all of the above in a family-friendly environment.