Ready Coffee is a young coffee chain that has quickly made a name in the Hudson Valley. Its unique approach to roasting and brewing coffee, combined with a friendly and upbeat vibe, makes it a standout option for coffee lovers in the area.

The chain currently has four locations in the Hudson Valley, all of which offer drive-through service. The Town of Poughkeepsie (LaGrange) location also offers seating for customers who prefer to sit and enjoy their coffee.

In addition to its signature coffee blends, Ready Coffee offers a range of specialty lattes, mochas, and iced, blended, and cold brew coffees. For those who prefer a caffeine-free option, the menu includes a variety of teas, chai, matcha, smoothies, and hot chocolate.

One of the things that sets Ready Coffee apart from other coffee shops is its commitment to using beans hand-roasted at its craft roasting facility in the Hudson Valley. This, combined with their unique method of making each cup to order, results in a coffee that truly stands out. The coffee starts with local small-batch roasting. Then they hand pull it moments before you receive it.

As the chain expands, customers can expect even more locations to open in the Hudson Valley and beyond. With its friendly staff, delicious coffee, and inviting atmosphere, Ready Coffee will continue to improve and delight coffee lovers.

Signature latte-based drinks can be ordered hot (with steamed milk), iced (with milk over ice) or frozen (blended smooth).
Frozen Coffee is made simply with our espresso, whole milk, and a touch of sugar. That’s it!
Iced cold brew is super smooth because it’s brewed overnight.
​​Want the basic? Order the Ready Regular coffee any way you like it.​

Signature energy that can be made into an infinite number of flavor combinations.In regular or sugar-free.

Signature tea drinks, drink it plain, or ask your barista to create something new. The Chai or Matcha Lattes can be made hot (with steamed milk) or iced (with milk over ice)

Delicious, hand-blended milkshakes. Top it any way you’d like.
Real fruit smoothies. Ask for all of our flavors​.
An Italian-style soda we mix for you by hand.
The best hot chocolate around, made with hand-steamed milk. Yum!

View the complete Ready Coffee menu.