Junbucha creates handcrafted Saratoga Jun Kombucha  in small batches with local raw wildflower honey and organic green teas.. Our teas are made with 100% raw and authentic jun with no added flavorings or probiotics.

We source local, raw wildflower honey with the highest pollen content and add it to unique and exciting green teas from all over the world to create an unparalleled, probiotic rich health elixir.

It is our mission to create the highest quality, small batch Jun to spread the extraordinary health benefits of this special brew with families of the community while using sustainable practices to ensure a low impact on our mother earth.

As well as being a strong probiotic, the health benefits of Jun include promoting proper digestive function, increased diversity of microbiota, aiding in the absorption of food, and strengthening the immune system. Jun also contains organic acids which aid in detoxing the body, including the liver. Jun has been shown to help with stomach discomfort and bloating, and can be used as a digestive aid with meals to help break down food.

Tea Products From Junbucha

Scented with blossoming Jasmine flowers, this Chinese green tea is pleasantly floral with fragrant sweetness.

Smooth, remarkably sweet and floral, this Longjing tea is one of the “Ten Greatest Chinese Teas.” A serious tea for a serious brew.

Full-bodied and bold, we cold steep our mate for 12 hours to produce a complete flavor to balance out the finished brew.

Full-flavored, traditional powdered green tea. Strong and fresh with a green hue to remind you that you made the healthy choice!

From the renowned Five Peaks Mountain in the Chinese province of Shandong. A very smooth character with low astringency. Makes a light-bodied brew with vegetal notes and a lingering sweetness.

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