Manifest Coffee isn’t your normal coffee shop. They are a full service coffee bar providing home roasted espresso, high quality ingredients, and flavorings with no added sugar.

Manifest Coffee was started in 2020 by Beth and Elliot Steele. We had a dream of a coffee shop that was open just where people needed it and least expected it to be. A coffee shop with the highest quality all-natural ingredients with no added sugars. We wanted to create a space where customers could order a drink and not feel guilty about it.

With fresh home roasted coffee and the utmost attention to quality and detail, every drink made at Manifest Coffee will lift you up, not bring you down.

Manifest Coffee Catering

We are so excited here at Manifest Coffee to cater your special day, brunches, party or
other event! In our truck we have a fully plumbed espresso machine that allows us to
make a wide range from americanos to lattes and even frozen drinks! If you have any
special request do not be afraid to ask!

Manifest Coffee provides their usual assortment of espresso drinks, teas, and hot chocolate. Any special requests can also be incorporated in. Hot local cider, specialty lattes or even a one-of-a kind signature drink!