Roe Jan Brewing Co is a 7-barrel Portland Kettle Works system producing a rotating lineup of well-balanced beers, including traditional ales and lagers as well as trending styles such as IPAs and sours. Visit us in Hillsdale to taste a pint, or take home cans or growlers!

When you visit us at 32 Anthony Street, you’re stepping into history. Our building dates to 1851, when it was built by Joshua Bulkeley to house the Hillsdale Mercantile Association. Since then it has been home to numerous businesses, including multiple general stores, a shirt factory, a beer bottling operation, a farm and feed supply store, a pop-up gallery, lumber storage…and now a brewery.


Roe Jan Brewing Company Beer To Go

CANS 16oz 4-packs

  • Hillsner Lager – Light, crisp, local 4.9% abv
  • Yonderview India Pale Ale 16 – Bright, hoppy, classic 6.9% abv
  • Morris Ale ESB – Balanced, traditional 5.0% abvGROWLERS 32oz/64oz

Hillsner Lager 10 / 20 – Light, crisp, local 4.9% abv

  • Yonderview India Pale AleBright, hoppy, classic 6.9% abv
  • Morris Ale ESB – Balanced, traditional 5.0% abv
  • Freeland New England IPA (mosaic, galaxy) – Complex, citrus, marshmallow 6.0% abv
  • Bash Bish Belgian Farmhouse Ale – Made with local honey 6.0% abv
  • Emma Blackberry Sour – Tart, hint of lavender 5.4% abv
  • Best Fest Oktoberfest – Autumnal, toasty, festive 5.8% abv
  • Cozy Flannel Brown Ale 10 / 20 – Warm, full, chocolate 6.5% abv
  • Mercantile Porter – Dark, smoky, earthy 6.5% abv

Selections From The Roe Jan Brewing Co Menu:

Fried green bean salad ~ Pumpkin seed vinaigrette
Chicken and scallion spring rolls ~ Apricot dip
Block Island clam chowder ~ Wine, cream, bacon, shoestring potatoes
Grilled flatbread ~ Eggplant caponata, goat cheese, arugula
Crab cake sandwich ~ Celery root slaw
Backyard burger ~ Lettuce, tomato, cheddar, aioli, hand-cut fries, house-made ketchup
Sweet corn ravioli ~ Red mustard, jalapeno, brown butter, parmesan
Lobster alla vodka ~ Rigatoni, roasted cauliflower, fresh tomato, cream, garlic herb butter
Grilled Faroe Island salmon ~ Couscous pilaf, roasted tomato and spinach stew, black olives
Paella ~ House-made chorizo, chicken, shrimp, calamari, clams