Catharine Street Community Center (CSCC) promotes and coordinates educational, health and cultural programming that enriches and enhances the lives of individuals, children and families in Dutchess County.

For nearly a century, Catharine Street Community Center has fulfilled its mission of supporting families in Dutchess County through our education, after-school and summer enrichment programs. We are constantly looking for ways we can enrich the lives of our youth and their families by creating a healthy environment of learning.

Our mission becomes firmer and clearer each year. From its beginning, The Center gained a reputation for its caring and concern for children and families. That care and concern continue today as we assist individuals, children and families to acquire and strengthen the tools necessary to cope with our challenging economic and social needs.

By providing Catharine Street Community Center’s invaluable services and opportunities, we can help build a better community. Like Martin Luther King Jr., we too have a dream….and through your support, the dreams and aspirations of many youths will come true at Catharine Street Community Center.

Catharine Street Community Center Programs

This program operates for eight (8), six (6) or two (2) weeks in the summer. Our multicultural program is supervised by trained professional staff and offers basic skills enrichment (reading, writing, math, computing) and cultural and recreational activities, such as foreign language, nature walks, music, dance, arts and crafts, field trips to local museums and swimming at Pulaski Pool. Cost of special activities and nutritious meals and snacks are included.

This is a school readiness childcare program for children ages 3-5. NYS certified and licensed teachers provide children with curriculum-based skills building activities designed to prepare them with a successful start in school. We help strengthen communication and social-emotional development. Age appropriate learning materials, such as interactive storytelling, music, dance and visual arts are provided along with nutritious snacks.

CSCC provides children with a safe after school environment supported by professional and caring staff. After-school transportation and a nutritious snack are offered, along with project-centered planned activities, designed to strengthen reading, writing, math, verbal, computer and life skills. Children can also choose to participate in Clubs such as Spanish, Dance, Money Management, History and Little Chefs.

Under the auspices of the City of Poughkeepsie School District, CSCC is providing Universal Pre-Kindergarten program helping prepare children for a successful start in school. For children age four.

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