AnimalKind, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) animal welfare organization, was founded 20 years ago by Katrin Hecker, a registered nurse who was determined to end the plight of stray cats and kittens that were overrunning the streets and alleys of Hudson.

Today AnimalKind is a nurturing community force.
Every year we save and serve over 5000 animals in need through various programs, reducing suffering and euthanasia as well as promoting Humankind through AnimalKind.

AnimalKind rescues over 1,200 animals, places over 1,000 of them in loving homes, and provides over 2,000 spay/neuter surgeries.

AnimalKind is making significant progress in protecting animals from euthanasia, creating an innovative approach to provide emergency services for pet owners in need, humanely reducing the overpopulation of unwanted animals, rescuing those threatened by cruelty, abandonment and neglect, finding homes for cats and kittens and making our communities a safer, healthier place to live.


AnimalKind Programs

AnimalKind was founded to build no-kill communities. Controlling the birthrate of unplanned cats and dogs is the single most important component in accomplishing this mission.

Food is Love. As part of our community outreach AnimalKind’s Food Bank offers pet food to pet owners who are experiencing a (temporary) situation where they cannot afford to feed their pet.

AnimalKind humanely traps cats; taking them to a vet for spaying or neutering, returning them to their natural habitat, feeding them, providing shelter and monitoring their health.

We’re here to help. If you or someone you know requires emergency boarding for a beloved pet/cat or dog, we have limited space available at the shelter or, if appropriate, in the home of one of our foster families.

Thousands of lost pets end up in kill shelters and never find their way home. Help prevent your pet from suffering this fate. Microchipping offers all pet chance of reunion for your pet and family.

AnimalKind is offering medical assistance for pets of low-income pet owners in need of medical care. Thanks to grants from the Banfield Foundation we are able to attend those pets in dire need of medical attention and treatment.