Trinity-Pawling School is a school of 300 boys from all across the nation and the world. Trinity-Pawling is a community that values and inspires leaders, friends, athletes, global citizens, and men of character. Trinity-Pawling guides students to become young men of integrity who can rise to the challenges of an ever-changing world. The distinctive programs encourage boys to achieve greatness within themselves and their community.

The Practicum for Civic Leadership offers multiple active learning opportunities for students to gain hands-on, 21st century skills. Their Effort System provides a guide for making good decisions, and it builds a foundation for continued self-improvement and self-reflection. And the Center for Learning Achievement gives students the support they need to thrive in our vigorous academic setting.

“Trinity-Pawling reimagines what is possible in boys’ education. We have established a compelling new definition of what a man can be: creative, compassionate, and collaborative, driven by both personal integrity and public purpose. The next-generation school for boys is here, on a campus that feels warm and welcoming and human-scaled, in an academic community that thinks ahead, looks forward, and gets transformational results.”

The vision is centered on facilitating and ensuring students’ success and transformation. The five strategic goals — mindset, teaching and learning, belonging, campus, and resources — define our priorities and lay the groundwork for how the School moves forward and educates our students.

The learning experience at Trinity-Pawling School reflects a deep understanding of what it means to ‘provide an educational experience that makes a transformational difference,’ and enable students ‘to discover and pursue their distinctive gifts and talents.’ This transformational experience has remained the essence of a Trinity-Pawling education since our founding in 1907.

“At Trinity-Pawling School, we study hard. But at the end of the day, we’re all about putting knowledge into action. With dynamic classes, hearty discussions, and hands-on exploration, our courses are designed to expose students to the real world and help them discover their gifts and talents along the way.”