Castle Island Bilingual Montessori is a Spanish/English immersion elementary school for children ages 3 to 12.

Castle Island honors the individuality of each child and guide him or her to focus on exploring unique interests. Each child’s independence and empathy grows as he or she becomes a valued member of the school community. Your child will practice collaboration and critical thinking, establishing self-confidence with an intrinsic desire to learn more.

It is common to a find four-year-olds reading (in English and in Spanish) , six-year-olds practicing multiplication, and nine-year-olds writing comparative descriptions of ecosystems. The curriculum presents skills during each child’s “sensitive period” for learning and then allows him or her to work at their own pace.

Each Castle Island classroom is a community which extends throughout and beyond the school. Parents and community partners are invited into the network of collaboration to support the children. These relationships are a partnership, working together for the benefit of your child. Because children thrive when home and school work in harmony.