Since 1963, the Randolph School has been a beacon of progressive education here in the Hudson Valley. Our founders were parents and teachers, with a deep desire to reframe what childhood and education can look like. Drawing inspiration from earlier generations of progressive thinkers, Randolph has grown over time into its own unique manifestation of living and learning.

The Randolph School serves children from 3 years old through 5th grade. We welcome applications at any time, for every age group, and even in advance of age eligibility. With high interest in outdoor, progressive education and a swelling of population in the Hudson Valley, we work hard to respond to every inquiry and support each family through the admissions process.

Our primary intake point is in Pre-K (Ages 3-5). Other families join when their child becomes Kindergarten eligible (Age 5), some join even in their final year and everywhere in between.

Education at Randolph School is based in experience. Through hands-on, collaborative, and interdisciplinary explorations and studies, children make connections with each other and with the world around them.

The learning environment and activities are thoughtfully designed so that children can make choices and construct their own understandings. Teachers plan educational experiences based on their knowledge of each child as well as on developmental and age-appropriate curricula.

The Randolph School sits on 5 acres in the hamlet of Hughsonville, NY in the Town of Wappinger. Hunter Brook runs through the woods that line the west edge of campus, with Reese Park on the other bank.

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