Whether you are a firefighter on a pilgrimage to the Museum Of Firefighting for the first time, a family looking for a fascinating daytrip or a student of history whose interest has been piqued by the fire service, we strive to engage you by presenting the subject of firefighting as history, as culture, as a service to humanity, as a preventative practice and as ever-changing art and technology.

“If the Smithsonian Institution is indeed ‘America’s Attic,’ then the magnificent FASNY Museum of Firefighting is the nation’s foremost repository of firefighting history. No other fire museum or private collection in North America offers the sheer depth and authenticity of the wheeled treasure to be found in every corner of this remarkable public gallery in Hudson, NY.

The FASNY Museum of Firefighting offers various types of educational programs to fit your needs. These include self guided tours, distance learning programs, guided tours or the Museum’s educational website component. When you chose any of these options, we are certain you will be both educated and entertained, as you learn about the various innovations in firefighting throughout the eras that improved on the methods of fighting fires and firefighter safety. Daily self guided tours include audio, video and interactives. The Museum’s innovative distance learning programs include sound effects or music and copious amounts of interaction with each class. The Museum’s guided tours offers a knowledgeable Visitor Services Assistant to guide you through the exhibits and the interactives and answer your questions.

Discover how firefighting has changed from Ancient Times to the present, learn how steam power transformed the fire pumper and the fire service nationally, explore the grand firehouse of the 1800s, discover how the lithographs of the firm of Currier and Ives illustrated the life of a fireman, learn how the Dutch prevented fire in what would later become New York State and much, much more, all within the confines of this world-class Museum.