Time and the Valleys Museum is a living and interactive resource that preserves the past, educates the present and ensures the uniqueness of the Rondout and Neversink watersheds for all generations.

The year was 2003. A brave group of individuals with a shared interest in preserving local history and saving the story of the communities taken for the building of New York City’s reservoirs met in Grahamsville NY. That group spent many months learning what they had to do to begin a brand new museum.

Hiring a part time director in 2009 helped the energetic museum board prepare to move the museum into a much larger building, an annex of the brand new Daniel Pierce Library. The museum moved into the three floor facility in June, 2011. Since that time, the Museum has created two permanent exhibits: “Water and the Valleys” and “Tunnels Toil and Trouble”, a museum shop with trained, dedicated volunteer staff, a Local History Research Center, and several temporary exhibits.

In 2018, the 1930’s Lost Catskill Farm opened with a house, barn, woodworking shop, blacksmith shop and other farm outbuildings. Created to illustrate life on a family farm before being removed to build NYC’s reservoirs, it is interpreted using the most advanced technology, including tours for mobile devices.

The museum’s long range plan is to create a “Museum Without Walls”, to be both indoor, outdoor and virtual, enthusiastically bringing history and the environment to others, wherever they may be.

Enjoy the Museum’s virtual and interactive exhibits for FREE! Download a copy of our Rondout Reservoir Driving Tour, play games, view past exhibits, and more. Check back for extra fun updates!

Time and the Valleys Museum Student Education Opportunities

Immerse Your Students in the History of WATER
Your students will enjoy discovering how water has changed the area over millions of years. They will play games, handle artifacts and explore activities such as digging a tunnel and building a dam, plus lots more!

Knowledgeable museum educators guide all activities. The program content can be tailored to the interests of a class. All preparatory and follow up materials are included. A lunch area is available.