Toucan Hats is a company that takes pride in crafting hats in the old hat-making tradition. They use manual pressing stampers to shape felt, and straw material into classic hat designs such as vintage flappers, cloches, and fedoras. The Hat Collection features beautifully crafted hats made with the finest fabrics, flowers, and ribbons, resulting in whimsical handmade hats at an affordable price. Their designs cater to various tastes, from basic and functional to more elaborate and decorated hats.

Toucan Hats are not just about one type of hat. Their designs span a wide spectrum, from casual to romantic, and from stylish to traditional. At their Hudson Valley studio, they utilize 150-year-old hat-pressing machines to create a diverse range of hats, including fedoras, cloches, boaters, westerns, and more. In addition to their handmade products, they also offer a curated selection of imported hats and gloves. Toucan Hats is a women/minority-owned business that prides itself on creating high-quality, timeless pieces for hat enthusiasts.

Over time, Toucan Hats has developed a large following of capellophiles and people attracted to the marvelous design and quality of these crafted creations.

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Posted by Toucan Hats on Friday, June 12, 2020