Farm2Fashion aspires to bring you lovingly crafted designs which reflect their passion for locally made and sourced textile goods.

Their goal is to recreate the once cherished American tradition of creating textile goods (like blankets, sweaters and scarves) being made for family members and friends by family and friends. Items so pertinent to the individual that they were handed down for generations as heirlooms.

F2F works with local and regional farmers and manufacturers to bring to you American-made products, which you’ll be happy to have for years to come. Inspired by the “Made in America” movement, they have infused distinctive designs to beautiful luxury products.

Accessories & Apparel

Home Decor

The Americana Collection
From the iconic flag designed by Betsy Ross to the emblem of the Lone Star State, this eco-cotton collection breathes new life into recycled cotton. Rescued from factory floors, these super-soft fibers are given new life as collectible pillows and throws that perfectly embody the American spirit.

Farm Luxe Collection
Our deep love for natural fibers and local farms has resulted in a one-of-a-kind line of luxurious blankets, apparel and accessories. Crafted in American factories rich with both history and experience, these sustainable styles are both elegant & earth-friendly.

Karma Mama Collection
Reminiscent of the vivid hues of an Indian spice market, the Karma Mama collection of blankets are knit with iconic symbols of beauty, fertility, prosperity and spirituality. Crafted of a recycled cotton blend, these vibrant styles are both sustainable and inspirational.