Munder-Skiles has been a prominent name in outdoor furniture since 1992. Known for their meticulous attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship, every piece they produce is a work of art. Their skilled artisans carefully draw, craft, and finish each chair, table, bench, and chaise using traditional and modern techniques.

Munder-Skiles takes pride in its hand-building process, using historically researched methods and the latest technology to create furniture with the perfect cant and weight distribution. The result is outdoor furniture that offers maximum comfort, eliminating the need for cushions. However, for those who prefer cushions, Munder-Skiles offers custom-made options that are cut to the correct pattern and hand-stitched to perfection, ensuring a personalized and comfortable experience.

With over 150 designs, Munder-Skiles offers a wide range of classic pieces that have stood the test of time. The company’s founder, John Danzer, started the business in 1992 to create quality garden furniture that blends modernist and ergonomic designs with artisan-like standards of comfort, craft, and proportion.

John’s Taconic Chair™, a modernist and ergonomic masterpiece, was honored with the prestigious Roscoe Award for ‘Best American Chair’ in 1994, a groundbreaking achievement for a garden seat. The New York School of Interior Design also acknowledged the company’s contributions with a 10-year retrospective titled ‘Reinventing the Garden Seat’ in 2000, a first in the industry. John’s expertise and vision were further recognized when Cooper-Hewitt nominated him for a 2005 National Design Award in Landscape Architecture, solidifying Munder-Skiles’ reputation for innovation and design excellence.

Munder-Skiles continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with outdoor furniture, blending tradition and innovation to create functional and beautiful pieces.

Munder-Skiles is a company deeply committed to research, curation, artisanal craftsmanship, and sustainability. They take immense pride in their meticulous approach to designing and crafting every piece of furniture they create, whether a chair, table, bench, or chaise. The process involves careful drawing, crafting, and finishing, all executed with expert precision to deliver a top-quality product that meets the highest standards of excellence.

The diverse styles beautifully harmonize silhouettes, scales, and materials to create a distinctive essence that often defines unforgettable spaces and timeless designs. Their furniture suits luxuriously landscaped garden rooms and meticulously minimalistic terraces, making them a versatile choice for customers who appreciate quality and elegance.

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