Joane Cornell Fine Jewelry Designer is a Designer/fabricator of fine artisanal handmade jewelry with 44 years of experience in the jewelry manufacturing realm.

“My designs are original and artisanal, flowing fluidly from day to evening, which I term transitional. My process is mostly methodical, but can take a turn when I allow the object in mind to speak for itself during the design process. That is the true beauty of spontaneity. My stones are ethically sourced, and are cut in the exact region where they are mined. I have the opportunity to select from an amazing array of precious/semi precious varieties. My metals, starting as 24kt gold casting grain, are diluted with the appropriate alloys to achieve 22, 20, & 18kt gold. My silver usage varies between 925, 935, 965 and 999. I am known to use platinum at times as well. I am environmentally conscious and focused on sustainability. Nearly all materials are recycled, reused and repurposed for later use. The diamonds purchased for use in my designs are modern brilliant cuts or rose cuts that are monitored under the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme.”

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