Munder-Skiles is synonymous with the finest handmade exterior furniture. Each chair, table, bench and chaise is carefully drawn, crafted and finished with expert care and attention to detail.

For 25+ years our process of hand-building exterior furniture relies on historically researched, traditional methods along with the most advanced modern techniques. We are obsessive about the right cant and weight distribution, believing that each piece should deliver maximum comfort without cushions or, if needed, with very thin cushions.

Since we build each design, we are able to offer custom dimensions, finishes and detailing. Our cushions are made to order, cut to the correct pattern and hand-stitched so that every welt is perfectly even and smooth. Today, there are well over 150+ designs in our line, many of which are true classics that have stood the test of time.

In 1992, John Danzer started Munder-Skiles to produce quality garden furniture. Firmly grounded in John’s knowledge of garden furniture history and material science, the company is recognized for its artisan-like standards of comfort, craft and proportion. John’s modernist/ergonomic Taconic Chair™ received the 1994 Roscoe Award as the “Best American Chair”- the first time a garden seat had been so honored. The New York School of Interior Design staged a 10-year retrospective of Munder-Skiles in 2000 called “Reinventing the Garden Seat”, another first in the industry. John was nominated by the Cooper-Hewitt for a 2005 National Design Award in Landscape Architecture.