Hahn Guitars strive to make guitars of unparalleled quality. Using the finest woods and metals and components and from there building with their hearts, hands and our ears.

Wood is dried to perfection, then it is sealed with nitrocellulose lacquer to a glass-like finish that is thinner than a piece of paper. From there, the body, neck and all the components are hand-fit to ensure the maximum resonance and expression of the instrument. The guitar is then assembled with pickups and hardware specifically for that model instrument.

Some Of The Hahn Guitars Models:

The Model 112 is the first original body design from Hahn Guitars. Developed with Walter Becker over two years, the 112 seeks to be a new, iconic guitar that can cover all genres. The 112 has an alder body and maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. The pickups and hardware were designed specifically for the 112. With a 25.5″ scale length, the 112 can be sparkling and clean, can ring like a piano, and can sing and growl with increasing amounts of gain.

The Model 910 is a 2″ deep, aggressively chambered guitar that is available in mahogany and alder. Along with a maple neck (with rosewood fretboard optional), the 910 has a very “acoustic” and hollow character. With the 910, we have sought to bring the airy, dry, big sound of a Gretsch or Rickenbacker and pair it with the power and solidity of a Telecaster. It chimes, yes! But it is also capable of piano-like depth and resonance, and when used with gain will growl, snarl and sing. Available in two or three pickup configurations, the 910 is the flagship model for Hahn Guitars and can go from country to rock to jazz or anywhere you want to take it with the flick of the volume knob or pickup selector.

The Model 228 has inspired us for years. It has graced the biggest stages and finest studios in the world, and has won acclaim from some of the world’s finest musicians as well as numerous industry awards (Premier Guitar’s Year End Gear Award and Guitar Player Magazine’s Editors’ Pick Award). The 228 uses the finest materials and offers unparalleled build quality. We tune each 228 to provide the musician with the maximum expressiveness and sound from this masterful design.

View the Hahn Guitars hardware.

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