For over 27 years, Stamell Stringed Instruments has been dedicated to making, dealing, appraising, and restoring the finest violin family instruments in the world.

As our customer, you will be assured by our guarantee of each instrument that we restore or sell, as well as our guaranteed trade-back policy. Your investment is safe, and your satisfaction is paramount.

Every instrument is guaranteed for one year after purchase. Repairs and adjustments covered during this period include gluing of open seams, peg fitting, bridge height adjustments, soundpost adjustments, and fingerboard planing. Stamell Stringed Instruments guaranees each bow for one year after purchase. Rehairs are not covered by this guarantee.

Instrument Trade-In Policy
All instruments and bows that are purchased from Stamell Stringed Instruments may be traded for up to 100% of their purchase price less a reconditioning fee. Rental outfits may be traded in at 75%.