Sally Rothchild Ceramics are made by hand on the potter’s wheel in my studio located in the Catskill Mountains, my pots are designed to be used and enjoyed on a daily basis.

In my work I strive to marry the concept of form with function, so that each individual piece is not only visually pleasing, but a joy to use as well. I make a variety of wares: platters, serving bowls, pitchers, mugs, casseroles, vases, jars, teapots, and more.

All Sally Rothchild Ceramics are hand thrown stoneware pieces on the potter’s wheel, allowing for subtle variations of shape and form that gives each pot a life of its own. I decorate my pottery with white slip, sgraffito (incised drawings), brushwork, and a variety of glazes that I pour, drip, and brush over my pots. I then fire to a high temperature in my gas-fired reduction kiln. The variable flame and temperature create a depth of color, surface texture, and a variability that gives my pottery a rich dimension. The glazes I use–oxblood copper-red, Japanese shino, and volcanic ash–are designed to respond to the firing flame. The end result is pottery that is carefully crafted to marry form, function, and beauty.