ScribbleBot Studio crafts a varied selection of diverse, hand-painted peg doll families and sets. In addition to all of the ready-to-ship dolls, they also do custom and one of a kind peg dolls made to your specifications to represent any family. Peg Doll families are a great gift to those special families in your life or as a gift on a special occasion or event.

Most items are painted and ready to ship, or order your own unique family portrait of custom dolls.

Some Of The ScribbleBot Studio Peg Families:

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  • Solid Color Family in 3 Skin Tones
  • Set of 6 Peg Doll Boys and Girls – 2 3/8 Inch Pegs
  • Six 2″ Peg Dolls – Boys and Girls – 3 Skin Tones
  • Custom Peg Doll Family of 2+ Members – Highly Detailed
  • Peg Doll Baby – Pregnancy Announcement – Due Date Reveal – Sex Reveal – Baby Adoption Announcement – Gender Reveal – Baby Announcement
  • Single Mom Peg Family of 3
  • Peg Doll Family of Four with Two Boys – Dark Skin Tone
  • Muslim Peg Doll Family
  • Peg Doll Girls
  • 2 Peg Doll Cats
  • Zombie Peg Dolls