Simply Sushi Cafe takes pride in providing the freshest sushi purchased at early hours right off the boat. For years, Simply Sushi has thrilled discerning customers with top quality rolls and platters, and we’re always coming up with new ideas. Our motto: “If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask us… we’ll make it!”

Nothing delights our guests more than our famous sushi bars with on-site master chefs making fresh rolls and sashimi. Have an upcoming simcha? We work with the top caterers at the most prestigious facilities. You’ll often hear guests saying “Did you try the Sushi Bar? Amazing!”

Few can pass by one of our 25 delectable sushi platters—stunning to view, and yummy to devour! See our Menus page to review our platters, or contact us to discuss custom orders.

You will be delighted by our presentation and finesse! You’ll also love our competitive prices!

Selections From The Simply Sushi Cafe Menu:

  • California Roll kani, cucumber, avocado
  • Sweet California Roll chopped kani, mango, mayonnaise, cucumber, avocado
  • Salmon Avocado Roll salmon, avocado
  • Spicy Salmon Roll minced salmon, spicy sauce
  • Crunchy Dragon Roll kani, cucumber, avocado, wrapped with kani, with spicy mayo, sweet sauce & fried onion
  • White Dragon Roll minced kani, red onion, topped with avocado, sweet sauce, mayo & crunch
  • American Dream Roll spicy tuna cucumber and avocado wrapped in salmon and yellowtail, topped with masago, scallions, sweet & spicy sauce
  • Chin Tae Roll cooked spicy tuna, spicy kani, crunch, wrapped with avocado, topped with fried onion & spicy mayo
  • Kyoto Roll spicy tuna, spicy kani, crunch, layered with avocado, topped with fried onion & drizzled with spicy mayo
  • Bahama Roll Sweet Potato, mango, cucumber, topped with avocado, sweet sauce and crunch
  • Pomango Roll sweet potato, avocado, wrapped with mango, topped with pomegranate, crunch and special house sauce
  • Salmon Crisps crisped salmon tempura, rice crisps, spices, popcorn, sweet chili sauce
  • Sushi Poppers fried rice infused with spicy tuna, topped with scallions and sweet & spicy sauce
  • Small Platter 6 rolls (48 pieces chef’s choice) 3 veggie/3 fish
  • Medium Platter 10 rolls (80 pieces chef’s choice) 5 veggie/5 fish
  • Large Platter 14 rolls (112 pieces chef’s choice) 7 veggie/7 fish
  • Shmu Roll cooked salmon, spicy kani, portabello mushroom, fried onion, wrapped with avocado, topped with spicy mayo & sweet sauce
  • Asian Seaweed Salad toasted seaweed with sesame seeds, toasted sesame oil, and a delicious blend of spices
  • Konoku Kani Salad kani, mayo sauce, celery, carrots a delicious blend of spices

Simply Sushi Cafe also offers an assortment of pizza, burgers, soups, pasta and assorted hot and cold beverages including smoothies.