The Albany Distilling Company is a small craft distillery located in Albany, New York’s historic downtown. Using both modern and traditional methods, they produce spirits of exceptional quality one small batch at a time.

They craft spirits such as: Coal Yard Whiskey, Ironweed Whiskey, and Quackenbush Still House Rum. Tours and tastings are Tuesdays from 4 pm to 8 pm and Saturdays from noon to 8 pm. Private tours and events are available.

Albany Distilling Company Products:

Ironweed Whiskey (Bourbon & Rye)
Made exclusively from whole grain, water, and yeast, Ironweed acquires its rich color and much of its distinctive flavor from time spent aging in oak. It is produced in small batches using New York State grain, and great care is taken on every step along the way; it is truly a craft spirit, from mill to bottle.

Quackenbush Still House Rum
Our Original Albany rum pays homage to Albany’s first distillery, which was established in the mid-18th century and stood just a short distance from where our distillery stands today. The Quackenbush Still House produced an unaged rum from Caribbean molasses and Hudson River water, fermented with wild yeasts in huge, open wooden vessels. We use modern equipment, better yeast, and a more suitable water supply, but we follow the same recipe and use the methods of our predecessors.

Coal Yard New Make Whiskey
Every batch of Coal Yard is an expression of the true nature of craft distilling. It reflects a scientific attention to detail and great care taken in every step of the production process. Distillers Matt Jager and John Curtin start by milling whole grains for the mash. After fermentation, the milled grain goes right into the still with the rest of the wash, thick and unfiltered. From there, it is distilled out in a single pass—a slow process, but one that ensures a clean spirit with a distinctive flavor.