Good Fight Herb Co. offers medicinal herb products made with organically grown herbs from our garden and from Farmhand Flowers, as well as those ethically wildcrafted in the Hudson Valley region.

We deeply care for and respect the plants and the land from which they grow, as well as the communities they serve and support; we know this intention is bottled up in our formulas.

Good Fight Herb Co. locally & organically grows and ethically wildcrafts medicinal herbs in New York’s Hudson Valley, turning them into medicinal products for the people. These hand crafted, small batch products offer nourishing support for self care, community wellness and thriving health. Community Herbalist, Lauren Giambrone, is dedicated to creating an empowering natural option for taking care, and also offers individual consultations for those seeking one on one support.


A few of the Good Fight Herb Co., Products:

  • mighty iron syrup : a deliciously iron, vitamin and mineral rich nutritional supplement.
  • elderberry syrup : a classic cold and flu season formula that supports the immune system in fending off illness.
  • allergy season support : all natural hay fever help without the drowsy side effects!
  • hard workin’ ny’er immune blend : the anti-burn out blend! a daily tonic that builds and balances your immunity from all that wears it down. great to build you up for the cold and flu season.
  • herbal throat spray : so soothing and supportive to the upper respiratory tract.
  • lyme defense : an immune supportive blend useful for living in a Lyme afflicted area.
  • feels good! face grains : a gentle cleanser that nourishes the skin and is great for all skin types.
  • bumps n’ bruises oil : a great first aid kit component! helpful for all aches, pains, bumps, bruises, sprains, slips and falls.
  • immune chai : a yummy blend to support your immunity during cold and flu season; a preventive blend.
  • harvest blend : colorful, nutritive and nourishing, representing this season’s harvest bounty.