Honeybee Herbs specializes in organic, handcrafted medicinal herbals, culinary herbs and herbal tea from the Catskill Mountains. Only honeybee produce is used in their healing salves, tinctures, elixirs, and oils. Honeybee honey comes from environmentally protected lands deep in the Catskill Mountains. Custom blending and custom orders are available upon request.

Some Honeybee Herbs Products:

Raw Honey
Organic herbal honey harvested by hand from our hives. These bees gather pollen from our organic herbal gardens.

Fabulous Face Oil
Organic rose hips infused in jojoba oil,organic coconut and organic, local virgin beeswax,aloe vera plant ,raw honey,propolis , royal jelly and bee venom. essential oil of your choice, lavender, sage, rose geranium, lemon, or honey vanilla.

Immune Boost
Organic Fresh Dried goldenrod, red clover, echinacea root, rasberry leaf, elderberry, artemisia, and rosehips.

Sleep Aid Organic Herbal Tea
Organic fresh Valarian root and leaf, catnip, lemon balm, lavender flower and mugwort

Honeybee Eye Salve Bags Bee Gone
Relieves puffiness and gets rid of bags and dark circles, and fills in fine lines. Take care of your eyes with 100% organic ingredients.

Beeswax Candles
Beeswax candles with hemp cord wick wrapped on a sage herb stick. Plain wax candles or larger antique glassed bottomed candles.

Lung Cleaner Organic Herbal Tea
Organic Fresh Dried muellin, horehound, anise, hyssop and mint An excellent expectorate blend from our apocathary. The muellin, horehound, anise, hyssop and mint encourage the loosening of phlegm.

Water Distilled Organic Essential Oils
Water Distilled Organic Essential Oils of patchouli, citrus, lavender, sage, sandalwood, sweet birch. All solar infused for 6 mos and very potent.

HoneyBee Body Butter
Organic skin cream and body butter. An excellent variant of our Fabulous Face Oil, Organically grown herbs and virgin beeswax from our hives in a special blend to nuture your skin.

Some like it Hot …Anti -Inflammatory
Organic fresh Comfrey, angelica root, yellow dock, oregeno, basil, lovage, dandelion, catmint and cayenne, A spicy sinus clearing herbal tea.

Pain Relief
Organic Feverfew, rose geranium and mint Fresh Dried Herbs to help relieve headaches and all over body pain.

Organic Earwash
Organic earwash. Catskill Mountain spring water infused with onion, garlic, chickweed, virgin bowers clamatis, olive oil, goldenthread tincture & teatree oil.

HoneyBee Herbs Products can be purchased at their location in Margaretville NY or online.