Dutch’s Spirits is an original NY distillery that was first “organized” in 1932 as an extensive bootlegging operation financed by the iconic mobster, Dutch Schultz. 80 years later, the distillery foundations and farm are being revitalized as a sustainable source of ingredients for our premium hand-crafted spirits.

The site for our future Dutch’s Spirits is on Harvest Homestead Farm, a 400-acre working farm in Pine Plains, New York. The land conceals a sprawling network of interconnected tunnels and bunkers left over from its bootlegging days during prohibition. Through extensive excavation and renovation, the bunkers and tunnels are being restored to serve as a museum and barrel aging rooms. Financed by gangster Dutch Schultz and built by rotating teams of local workers during the last gasps of Prohibition in the spring of 1932, this massive underground distilling operation produced thousands of gallons of moonshine against the idyllic backdrop of rural Pine Plains.

Dutch’s Spirits Offerings:

Dutch’s Spirits Sugar Wash Moonshine
A nod to that bottled lightning made in Dutch’s cavernous distillery, its stills burning beneath the fields of Harvest Homestead Farm in Hudson Valley, New York. This handcrafted, 100% Cane Neutral Spirit was produced in small batches from pure Demerara sugar using artisan copper pot stills.

Dutch’s Spirits Peach Brandy
A handcrafted in the same traditional 19th century style. Made from 100% New York State peaches, each bottle of this limited batch is hand labeled and numbered. Distilled in artisanal copper pots and aged in a combination of toasted American oak barrels, the nose invokes bright peach, vanilla, and tropical fruit aromas.