From The Ground Brewery is a New York State Farm Brewery located on Migliorelli Farm in Red Hook, NY. The brewery is committed to using New York State grown ingredients. The majority of the barley used is grown onsite at Migliorelli Farm.

From The Ground Brewery offers 3 styles of beer. Each style is an American version of styles from the Old World. And on top of that, by using barley grown here on the farm and hops from New York State, they are styles specific to The Hudson River Valley and New York State. Wine makers call this terrior. At From The Ground Brewery we just call it nature.

Jakob Cirell is the brewer and founder of From The Ground Brewery. He started fermenting stuff in 1999. Three years later he decided he wanted to make it his career. The journey ended 10 years later when he broke ground on From The Ground Brewery located on Migliorelli Farm in Red Hook, NY.


From The Ground Brewery Beer List

  • American Pale Ale – This American style pale ale has a medium malt body to help balance a brilliant hop aroma and flavor from a very generous amount of dry-hopping.
  • Farmhouse Red Ale – This Belgian style farmhouse ale has a red hue from house caramelized sugar. Barley and Wheat find their way into this beer as well as high quality hops. But the real player in this beer is the yeast, a complex saison yeast producing fruity and spicy notes. This ale finishes dry and is pleasantly refreshing.
  • Bar and Chain Stout – The Stout is a dark beer, strong and assertive. The malts used add depth of flavor with hints of chocolate and caramel balanced by a piney hop flavor.