Kyo Kosher Japanese Restaurant is a jewel in the Monsey area. KYO has served the community for over 10 years with delicious and fresh Glatt Kosher sushi, steak, and more. KYO promises authentic Japanese cuisine with quality.

The KYO offers a wide variety of authentically created Japanese dishes including appetizers, fish, meat, and noodle choices. And all selections are Glatt Kosher and under the supervision of Rabbi Steinmetz of Monsey.

Selections From The Kyo Kosher Japanese Restaurant Menu:

  • YAKI BEEF – Grilled marinated ribye and onion skewers
  • NAMBANG CHICKEN – Deep fried chicken in Nambang Saunce (Japanese style sweet and sour sauce)
  • VEGETABLE TEMPURA – Breaded and lightly fried vegetables with tempura dipping sauce
  • SHRIMP TEMPURA – 4 pieces of breaded and lightly fried imitation shrimp with tempura dipping sauce
  • EGGPLANT TERIYAKI – Deep fried eggplant wedge stuffed with chicken topped with teriyaki sauce
  • JAPANESE BEEF NACHOS – Pulled marinated beef on bed of nacho chips topped with homemade Japanese style cole slaw
  • SALMON SOUP – Miso-based salmon soup with with salmon and vegetables
  • BEEF DUMPLING SOUP – Clear beef broth with beef dumplings
  • KABOCHA SALAD – Lightly fried Kabocha Squash on bed of romaine lettuce, tomato, and carrot with house balsamic dressing. Spring Roll chips on top
  • MUSHROOM STEAK – Grilled Marinated Ribeye topped with white and shiitake mushrooms
  • BULGOGI – Thinly sliced beef sauteed with vegetables and brown rice noodles in asian sweet sauce.
  • CHICKEN SHOGAYAKI – Sauteed sliced chicken with bean sprouts and onions in fresh ginger sauce (choice between mild, medium or spicy)
  • CHICKEN EGGPLANT TERIYAKI – Deep fried eggplant wedge stuffed with chicken with house teriyaki sauce
  • NAMBANG CHICKEN – Breaded and deep fried chicken in nambang sauce (japanese style sweet and sour)
  • HERBS SALMON – Grilled Salmon rubbed in herb on bed of fresh vegetables and mashed potato. Drizzled with balsamic sauce
  • SEABASS STEAK – Market Price In garlic or house teriyaki sauce
  • VEGETABLE YAKI UDON – Sauteed vegetables and udon noodles (wheat)
  • VEGETABLE SUKIYAKI – Japanese style vegetable hot pot
  • KYO SPECIAL RAMEN – Ramen noodles in chicken broth topped with vegetables, chicken, and soft boiled egg