Mountain Laurel Waldorf School in New Paltz, NY is committed to excellence in all academic skills, supported by deep exploration of the arts, and humanities. Mountain Laurel is an independent school, supported entirely by tuition and contributions. Parents provide vital assistance not only through their economic contributions but through their countless hours of volunteer effort.

At Mountain Laurel Waldorf School , each student receives a full introduction to the classics, two foreign languages, history, geography, mathematics and science…the subjects today’s child needs to be prepared to meet the challenges of our world and the future–with clarity of thought, love of learning, a caring heart and confidence to initiate change.

Waldorf Education offers a time-tested curriculum with a rich blend of academics and arts. The curriculum and methods respond to the needs of the child at each stage of development and promote creativity, critical thinking and a lifelong love for learning. Waldorf Education provides a strong foundation in literature, foreign language, history, geography, music, fine and practical arts, mathematics, and science – the subjects today’s child needs as a foundation for tomorrow’s complex and challenging civilization.