Aji Limo Peruvian Cuisine is a tribute to the most traditional Peruvian cuisine, that of our houses, markets, carts, picanterías, huariques and cevicherías. But also a meeting of ways to fill with the Spanish, Italian, African, Chinese and Japanese influences that have been enriching and coexisting with Peruvian cuisine over thecenturies. Welcome to our place, welcome to Peru!

Our menu is designed as a multi-sensory journey between continents, cultures and times; that forms an authentic postcard of the different corners of the diversity of Peru. It does not matter if you come with a sea or mountain body, just get comfortable and enjoy the trip.


Selections From The Aji Limo Peruvian Cuisine Menu:

  • CEVICHE CARRETILLERO – This dish contains classic fish ceviche topped with Peruvian style fried calamari.
  • SHRIMP CEVICHE – Chilled shrimp ceviche marinated in our aji limo leche de tigre accompanied with choclos peruanos and sweet potatoes.
  • SUSTANCIA DE POLLO – Homemade Peruvian style chicken diet soup with a kick!
  • CAUSITAS RICAS – Whipped Peruvian potatoes and aji topped with chicken, shrimp, and octopus marinated in the chefs famous house sauce.
  • OCTOPUS ANTICUCHERO – Aji panca marinated grilled octopus accompanied by fingerling potatoes, huancaina sauce, and black olive
  • THE DELICIOSO – One whole chicken accompanied by three large sides of your preference.
  • CUARTETO LIMO – Simply delicious, fish ceviche, shrimp fried rice, grilled octopus causa, and fried calamari.
  • AJI DE GALLINA – Delicious shredded chicken covered in Peruvian yellow pepper cream sauce, topped with parmesan cheese: A color, texture and flavor in full harmony!
  • JALEA PA’ PICAR – A wonderful selection of seafood deep fried in our own special batter served on a platter accompanied by fried yuca and Peruvian tartar sauce.
  • SECO CON TACU TACU – Our beef cilantro stew marinated with beer served with our famous tacu tacu.