The Cullman Child Development Center provides services to children between the ages of 6 weeks and 12 years. There is before and after-school care, an in-house summer program for children ages 5-8, and a summer camp program for children ages 8-12. The Cullman Child Development Center offers a unique, cognitively oriented, developmentally appropriate, success based curriculum to prepare children for life.

Entering the Cullman Child Development Center brings you into a light and airy, very pleasant facility with an abundance of natural light and beautiful wood accents. The 9,000 square foot Center was designed to meet the unique needs of children, with a large indoor play structure as the centerpiece of the inner courtyard. Fun-filled outdoor play areas fill with lively children each day that the weather allows.

The Center is divided into separate, age-appropriate rooms – each room led by a teacher with extensive experience and education in early childhood. Daily projects and activities are a mainstay of the Cullman Child Development Center development program, planned to motivate and excite children to “learn how to learn.” There is also plenty of play time to practice social skills and problem solving techniques.