Rockland Gymnastics Academy is dedicated to providing each student with the opportunity to develop his or her motor skills.

The program is designed to develop skills through a progressive gymnastics training system giving students the opportunity to improve self-esteem and self-confidence through a non-competitive athletic experience. The fun and friendly atmosphere allows students the ability to attain personal growth.

Each student’s progress is followed from the beginning of their training to whatever level they desire to achieve by a consistent coaching staff emphasizing their physical well-being. The goal of the program is the success of each student as an individual.

Rockland Gymnastics Programs:

Preschool Gymnastics
Preschool Program-Having a fun and safe productive environment is always our primary objective. We strive to provide a fun filled gymnastics experience utilizing movement education and childhood games in developing fundamental motor skills. We hope to give each student great confidence to meet the challenges ahead through fitness, awareness, kinesthetic sense and self assurance.

Parent & Tots (45 minutes) – (1 -2 year old)
This class is an active parent\care giver and child class designed to develop spatial and kinesthetic awareness, self confidence and physical fitness qualities. Activities concentrates on movement exploration as well as an introduction to gymnastics.

Cosmic Bears (45 minutes) (3-4 year old)
This class is designed to strengthen your child’s motor skills and social interaction. A series of specialized exploitative movement are used to emphasize following directions and mimicking simple to more difficult movement. Through the mastery of skill, use of equipment and positive experience the student gains confidence and motor coordination.

Thunder Cats (45 minutes) (4-5 year old)
This class concentrates on a greater use of gymnastic equipment for the preschooler. Movement is toward a more structured class with an emphasis on following multi-directional tasks and mastering simple challenging movement combination.

Recreational Gymnastics – For student ages 5 -16.
No experience is necessary to enter this program. We use a structured class format which allows all student adequate warm up time and rotations on all Olympic events and trampoline. Students are taught in groups according to their ability. Students will receive training and development of skills on each apparatus in a logical and progressive order so they feel pleased with their accomplishments. Classes are conducted in a “Friendly” non-competitive atmosphere.

Rockland Gymnastics Summer Camp
Kids will experience fun, friends and of course gymnastics. They will build their physical skills as we integrate all of our programs into weekly activities including gymnastics, inflatables, zip line, trampolines, and much more!

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