Located in a gorgeous historic property in Cold Spring, NY, The Manitou School offers a full-immersion Spanish and English bilingual program, uses progressive teaching methods, and features a warm, engaging environment where children can learn and grow.

At Manitou, we believe children learn best when engaged in opportunities that allow them to imagine and question and express who they are and how they see their experience. We believe this engagement should be cultivated by caring and creative, talented and informed professionals who are mindful of the world we live in and capable of developing the most exciting and proven educational practices.

The Manitou School Programs:

Bridge Classes
Bridge classes include children from two consecutive grades in one classroom. A bridge program allows each child to move through content and skill areas at their own pace, while teachers tailor instruction according to each student’s readiness level and ability.

Stepping Stones Program
Provides our youngest learners with a well-balanced learning environment where they lead their own learning across the four principles of child development-Cognitive, Social, Emotional, and Physical.

Teachers will help children develop social skills through activities that build confidence and communication. They will expose children to reading and math in an exciting, interactive way by using educational games to teach children about words and sentences and help them understand mathematical concepts.

After School Enrichment Programs
We offer a variety of after-school enrichment programs which are accessible to Manitou students and non-Manitou students in the community. These extra-curricular activities begin with early language learning programs for 2-year-olds and encompass classes for older children as well.

The Manitou School currently offers grades 1st through 4th in our Elementary program. We commit to grow by one grade per year until our elementary program reaches at least 6th grade.

Summer Programs
Summer Fun sessions are designed for children to explore creative ideas, build positive relationships, and enhance communication skills in a natural learning environment. We will play in nature, create with physical science, and explore the arts while learning Spanish too!