Put Some Meat On Your Bones is a mobile food unit specializing in Grilled Cheese.
Located at the Jefferson Valley Mall in Yorktown NY.

Grilled cheese is our life. We make it, eat it, and share with y’all. Bread, cheese and a grill, simple…. or not. We are a truck with very limited space, but offering quite a few variations on this classic theme. Including our classic, this is what all our grandmothers made for us. They made it with love and we loved them for it.

Some Selections From Put Some Meat On Your Bones Grilled Cheese Food Truck Menus:

Grilled Cheese Add-Ons – Bacon, Ham, Mac & Chesse
Grilled Cheese on our big bread
BBQ chicken grilled cheese
Buffalo chicken grilled cheese
Turkey chipotle chili grilled cheese
Mother Cabrini with Mozzarella, sun dried tomato and basil
Evil One – Grilled cheese with mac and cheese
Evil Finish – Evil One with BBQ chicken
Liam – BBQ, chili grilled cheese