Ship to Shore American Bistro has been a staple to local diners since 1998 and with the turn of each new season, Ship to Shore introduces a new menu, cocktail list, and wine list.

We believe that consistent change while maintaining a strong commitment to our original vision of simplicity allows us to keep growing our brand. We offer new and exciting promotions through our social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, and our new website) and continue to add to our already evolving menus.

Ship to Shore is always bustling with a steady stream of new customers taking advantage of the bounty of the Hudson Valley and it’s a place we would like all of the people who step through our doors to consider as “home”.

Selections from the Ship to Shore American Bistro Menu:

  • COCONUT CRUSTED SHRIMP – Panko-coconut crusted shrimp, basil citrus dipping sauce
  • FRIED SHRIMP & PORK SHUMAI – Fried shumai, ginger-soy dipping sauce, green onions
  • STEAMED PEI MUSSELS ROMA TOMATO BUTTER SAUCE – Steamed PEI mussels, roma tomatoes, basil, white wine, country butter
  • HUDSON VALLEY MARKET GREENS & GREEN KALE – Beefsteak tomato, country croûtons, cherry vinaigrette
  • SHIP TO SHORE CHOP CHOP SALAD – Green kale, mixed greens, ceci beans, tomatoes, red onion, feta, olives, cucumbers, lemon thyme vinaigrette
  • RIGATONI SAUSAGE BAMBINO – Baby sweet sausage meatballs, green kale, crimini mushrooms, Roma tomato cream sauce
  • CLASSIC MACARONI & CHEESE WITH FRIED ROMANO CHICKEN – Creamy macaroni and cheese, made to order, fried romano crusted chicken breast
  • SIMPLE COUNTRY ROASTED HALF CHICKEN – ½ chicken roasted with grilled lemon, thyme, natural jus, grilled sweet potatoes, summer veggies
  • GRILLED ATLANTIC SALMON – Basil-citrus glaze, grilled sweet potatoes, summer veggies
  • 12 OUNCE BROILED FILET MIGNON – black pepper Chianti, garlic mashed, summer veggies
  • SHIP TO SHORE BURGER – Smoked bacon, caramelized onions, swiss, steak fries
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