At DNL Omnimedia, we work exclusively with nonprofit organizations. Our mission is to make technology work seamlessly for your constituents and staff. We want our clients to spend more time on their goals and less time struggling with code and data.

It All Starts with a Plan

The needs of nonprofit organizations are complex. To help with that, we offer tech assessments to determine the best tools for your organization. Whether you need a whole new website or a custom donation form to help increase conversions, DNL will work with you to map out the best way to reach your goals.

When it is time to put that plan into action, DNL has the expertise to turn that idea into realty.


We specialize in fundraising platforms such as Luminate Online, Salsa and Engaging Networks.


We build custom sites in open source content management systems (CMS) like Drupal and WordPress. We can seamlessly integrate the CMS with your fundraising platform.

Constituent Management

CRM’s like Salesforce are a popular choice for data storage. We can help you integrate data between the platforms and are eager to engage in complex data projects.


Through analytics we help our customers improve their sites and understand their data. We work with Google Tag Manager, Adobe’s Dynamic Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Adobe Analytics. We use Tableau, Excel and Power BI to mine data and create tailored data visualizations to help you make sense of analytics.

Solutions That Are Tailor-made for You

Team DNL’s code is 100% hand coded. We do not take shortcuts or outsource our work because your nonprofit’s needs are important to us and call for the best solutions. Writing code by hand keeps things lightweight and reduces bugs. This process also simplifies quality assurance, maintenance, and future enhancements.

Team DNL has the proven experience and expertise to develop custom features and configure your critical data to deliver the results you need.