For more than twenty years, JT Sander Photography has been capturing the soul, emotion, and personal moments of the people she photographs. She unobtrusively photographs events so that you can remember them for a lifetime – the birth of a child, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, and photographs of your family.

There are many ways to remember your special day. JT Sander Photography captures it with a unique style that allows you to see the day as it happens and not stiff or overly composed, but naturally with a blend of fun, grace and style. The approach used is that of a journalist describing the events of the day. It is filled with the personality, artistry and the unique events that happen only with you, your friends and family.

J.T. Sander comes from New York City and received her formal photography training in Boston where she began her career as a photographer in 1980. J.T. initially immersed herself in the fast-paced world of advertising, motion pictures, and editorial photography.

She worked with advertising agencies, movie studios and corporate businesses. Concurrently, she ventured into portraiture, a more studied, focused aspect of photography allowing her an opportunity to direct her creativity into different channels, working extensively in black & white as well as color photography.