Hayfield offers couples the opportunity to celebrate their big day in the heart of the stunning Catskill Mountains. With two lovingly restored barn wedding venues, this location boasts hand-hewn beams, tin roofs, and century-old magic. The venues have been thoughtfully updated with modern amenities such as new bathrooms, pristine hardwood floors, hot and cold water, and Wi-Fi while retaining their original architecture and style.

Nestled in the shadows of the majestic Hunter and Windham Mountains, the venues are surrounded by stunning waterfalls, breathtaking hiking trails, and rural farmland, making them ideal locations for weddings. The barns sit elegantly on a perch, with sunlight twinkling in through the rafters, bird nests hiding in the joists, and fireflies dancing outside after twilight. Guests can also enjoy candy-colored sunsets, fragrant breezes, and, on clear nights, the Milky Way.

Hayfield can accommodate up to ~150 guests in its custom-designed, hand-built dining tables and ceremony benches. These tables and benches were crafted with wood joinery, and no power tools were involved. The venue also offers turn-of-the-century wooden folding dining chairs, an antique hand-crafted bar, and two gorgeous wooden antique display tables.

Hayfield hosts only one event per week, from May to October, ensuring that they provide the support and attention that each couple deserves. The team is always on-site to prep the space and assist vendors in setup, and they are present for the duration of the event. Additionally, the Hayfield team is available to couples in any capacity for over a year of planning. They curate recommended vendor lists designed around the couple’s aesthetic and budget parameters, ideate design executions, and provide lists of nearby accommodations. The team is always available whenever couples need a sounding board, confidante, advocate, or friend.

Hayfield’s barn wedding venues offer a unique combination of rustic charm and modern amenities, creating the perfect backdrop for a memorable wedding celebration. With the support of the Hayfield team, couples can relax and enjoy their special day in this idyllic setting.

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